What We Do for You

You don't have to fear the loss of your precious videos, photographs, films or audiotapes with Tommy. All work is done in-house, nothing is ever shipped out. We are a local, family-owned business that truly cares about quality and safety of your media.

Tommy Productions Media Services understandings old analog media and new digital media. We analyze your videos, audio, slides, photos, films, and data. You’re guaranteed that your precious memories will be transferred and organized correctly to disc, digital formats, thumb drive, portable hard drive or social media platform.

Videotape Formats We Transfer to Disc or Digital
  • VHS and VHS-C

  • 8mm, Hi 8, Digital 8

  • Super VHS

  • Mini DV, Full Sized DV

  • DVCam

  • Betamax Home

  • BetaCam SP

  • ¾”Umatic

  • DVD

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Audio Formats We Transfer to CD, WAV or Mp3

The enhancement of audio levels and reduced background noise is included. Advanced, optional audio editing is available to create individual tracks, if desired.

  • Audio cassettes

  • Reel to reel audio

  • Micro cassettes

  • Old 8-track tapes

  • Out-of-print Vinyl Records in LP, EP, 78, 45

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Film Transfers to Disc or Digital

We Transfer the following Films to Disc or Digital Formats:

  • Super 8 MM Film 

  • Regular 8 MM Film 

  • 16 mm Film

We brighten darken film, and we darken washed out-white film. Prior to transfer, we clean your films and splice together broken parts. During the editing process we remove blank spaces, and color correct too.

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Other Digital Media We Transfer 
  • Cell Phone Media

  • Tablet Media

  • Camera Hard Drives

  • Memory Sticks

  • Media cards

  • Floppy disks

Media Repairs & Restoration

We can fix many media formats that have been exposed to heat, water, mold, stress, pressure cracks or missing parts.  

Time, moisture, and heat can have devastating effects on your precious videos and photos. If your Videos, Audio, Photographs, and Film memories are degrading please call us first! Tommy Productions Media Services specializes in the repair and transfer of:

  • Video Tapes

  • Audio Tapes and Vinyl Records

  • Photographs

  • Documents

  • Film

Photo restore Portrait Christian 1 Befor
Video Tape Repairs

​Has your video shell or door cracked? Has the tape inside come outside and twisted or torn beyond hope? Don’t worry, we'll fix it. We repair videos that have been damaged by water, mold, and heat. Once it’s like new again, we transfer them to disc or digital files. 

Broken and moldy tapes.jpg
Restore Your Old Photographs and Documents

Do you have old photos or documents that need repair? For the love of family history, don't let those precious memories degrade due to age or neglect. We can repair most photographs that are torn, missing body parts, creased, water or mold damaged, faded, or in pieces!


And after we make them “new” again, order reprints in sizes from 3’x5"; 4’x6”; 5’x7”; 8”x10” to poster sizes. Ask for a complementary digital copy of the "before and after" versions of your photos so that you can show friends and family.

Portrait Daniel before and after.jpg
Cell Phone and Tablet Media Preservation

In this Smart phone era, a lot of our memories are stored on our new phones and even our old ones. If you lose or break your device, you stand the chance of losing photographs and videos. ​Don't wait until it's too late.

Mobile Phone
Video Production and Editing

Tommy Productions Media Services edits everything from sporting events to births, wedding footage, memorial videos, family photo albums, and business videos.  The right video can help showcase your talent, vision, products and services. Tommy Productions Media Services helps you produce, direct, shoot, and edit professional videos that you will be proud of. 

The Video Production Process in 3 steps:

  • Pre-Production: The planning stage where all the scriptwriting, scheduling, logistics, and other administrative tasks are taken care of.

  • Production: This is when we record the digital video and audio content of people, places or things according to a plan.

  • Post-Production or Editing: This is the phase where all components are combined, cut down or rearranged in sequence to form a finished product including but not limited to a narration, titles, music, SFX, and more. Your project can be delivered on disc, thumb drive, portable hard drive or uploaded to an FTP site.

  • Consultation and Scripting

  • Location Scouting / Set Design

  • Casting and Directing of Actors

  • 1-4 Camera Shoots 

  • Post-production Editing

  • Talk Shows

  • Documentaries

  • Live Event Performances

  • Seminars and Conferences

  • Corporate Presentations

  • How-to Demonstrations

  • Safety training

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